Metal Rescue

Easy to use, virtually no labor involved (no scrubbing, dipping, brushing or other agitation)

Just soak the part in a plastic container for 5 mins - 24 hrs depending on the severity of the rust

SAFE: no acids, no caustics, no health risks, non-toxic, safe on skin

Environmentally Friendly: Safe for drains or sewer systems (check local laws for compliance)

Cost Effective: Most efficient, easiest and safest way to remove rust

Does not compromise any mechanical properties or functionality of metal

Valued ARMOR brand is a trusted name that means reliability and confidence

Can be used in conjunction with other ARMOR corrosion inhibiting products

Product is available for immediate use upon removing from liquid

After de-rusting, place part inside an ARMOR VCI® products for shipping or storage or protect with Dry Coat® Rust Preventative spray

Frequently Asked Question
Metal Rescue™ is not working as I expected it to?
What will Metal Rescue™ remove?
What coatings will not be removed?
Is Metal Rescue™ safe to use on painted surfaces?
What other metals can be used with Metal Rescue™?
Will Metal Rescue™ harm other materials?
There is a black film on some parts after using Metal Rescue™. What is it?
The steel has developed a dull grey finish after using Metal Rescue™. What is it?
What materials should not be used with Metal Rescue™?
Can Metal Rescue™ be sprayed on the rusted surface?
How can I use Metal Rescue™ on an item that can not be immersed or sprayed?
What is the Metal Rescue™ Use Life?
How do I know when Metal Rescue's™ de-rusting capabilities are used up?
What is the best way to measure specific gravity?
Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Liquid becomes darker as it de-rusts; does it continue to work?
If I strain the liquid after usage, can I prolong the useful life of Metal Rescue™?
What happens if I leave the substrate in the Metal Rescue™ liquid too long?
How do I properly de-rust bulk parts with Metal Rescue™?
What is the proper disposal method for Metal Rescue™?
How can I speed up the time that it takes to remove the rust?
What if the Metal Rescue™ accidentally freezes?
How do I remove the Metal Rescue™ solution from the parts prior to painting?
Can I use Metal Rescue™ as a rust preventative?
Do parts have to be completely clean before using Metal Rescue™?
What is the shelf life of Metal Rescue™?
Why should I use a plastic container with Metal Rescue™ to soak parts?

Armor Wrap

All ARMOR WRAP® VCI Papers are environmentally safe, fully recyclable and repulpable, biodegradable and non-toxic. ARMOR Protective Packaging® uses only the highest quality virgin neutral pH kraft paper available

ARMOR WRAP® papers are approved on the QPL for Military specification MIL-PRF-3420, an approval that dates back to 1983. Don't be misled by competitor's use of the word "conforms"

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Armor Poly

ARMOR POLY® VCI films comes in variety of forms to suit various packaging needs. The board line of high performance ARMOR POLY® VCI includes bags, sheets, rolls, tubes, auto bags, elastic bonnets, gusseted liners and shrink film, in addition to other custom VCI Poly products

Films are transparent and heat sealable and provide the combined benefit of barrier and anti-corrosion protection in a simple to user form

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Metal Rescue

Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath is your clean, safe and easy solution to removing rust from iron and steel. When we say 'safe on everything except rust' we mean it!

Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath will take rust off the most heavily corroded metal parts, yet is safe enough that you can put your bare hands into it. Just soak, check and rinse/dry. It's that simple!

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